The 90 Day Challenge is an exciting contest created by the creators of Body by Vi dieting system. This diet plan utilizes meal replacement shakes to enhance a person’s weight loss. Each of the meal replacement shakes taste like cake and are high in protein and low in both calories and fat. Followers of this plan are supposed to replace two of their meals per day with these shakes in order to see the best results. To motivate its users, the creators of the plan developed the 90 Day Challenge. This challenge is a contest that is open to any new user of the diet plan. It takes place during the first ninety days of your diet, and winners are chosen based on who lost the most weight and the most inches.

The Challenge is a fun way to jumpstart your diet through a bit of competition. The creators of the challenge wanted to give new goers the chance to start their diet out on the right foot with a small friendly competition. Each new dieter has the ability to log on to the website and enter their information to be properly entered into the competition. Each week they are required to weigh-in, measure their bodies, then record their numbers on the official website. After the first ninety days have passed the totals for everyone in the competition will be calculated, and those who have lost the most weight and have lost the most inches will win wonderful prizes. Some of the prizes that have been won in passed challenges include exotic vacations and free merchandise.
The creators of the Body by Vi program truly believe that anyone can lose weight on their program. It teaches its users how to eat properly, and utilize vitamin intake and nutrition to lose weight. By drinking two of their meal replacement shakes per day and exercising regularly, each person can shed the pounds easily. So, if you want to lose weight and begin to feel great about yourself, then simply join the Vi program and read about the Challenge. By following the program correctly, and utilizing all of the tools that it offers you, the creators of this product think that absolutely any has the ability to win the 90 Day Challenge. Sign up today at their official website.